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Anne Sugar coaches and trains individuals and company groups to create the greatest return on goals and metrics in the workplace. She utilizes a process of evidence-based coaching for career and executive clients. Anne’s integration of client, coach, and theory provides a powerful linkage for success.

 Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a core component for leadership success.  A combination of proven coaching methodologies are utilized while balancing the need to deviate from the process to ask the tough question.  Each new engagement begins with a stakeholder interview and the data is utilized to help create concrete measure goals which lead to maximizing challenges and opportunities. Assessments that could be utilized are:  Hogan, MBTI, Voices360, DISC, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management, and Realise 2.0


Each keynote provides practical tools and guides to create positive outcomes, culture and relationships.  Each presentation is customized to fit the needs of the group or event.


Leadership workshops are a combination of practical and interactive solutions to improve overall performance.  Some examples of topics are:  conflict management, influencing, motivating teams, change management and team building.

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